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2 June 2016

The committee would like, first of all, to thank all who have donated so generously their money, time and possessions to assist in the welcoming of two refugee families from Syria. The first family to arrive will likely be the Jas family. The Jas family consists of the mom and dad, 4 sons ages 15, 8, 7 & 8 months and two daughters, ages 12 and 4.

This family is being brought to Canada under government sponsorship so will receive their monthly allowance from the government. We have agreed to provide community support. The support they will receive from Peace has been evidenced by the two rooms in the church we have filled with household goods. Each donation we receive reduces the start-up costs for this very needy family. The family will arrive on June 8. We are still in need of 2 booster seats and 2 car seats for the family.

We have also submitted the required application forms to sponsor a family of three. This is a family reunification and is a private sponsorship. New Life Church sponsored a family who have settled in Abbotsford. We have applied to sponsor this families mother, father, and brother.

We will be providing funding to support the mother and father while New Life will provide funding for the brother. We will be providing funding to support this family and will be working with New Life Church to provide community support. We do not anticipate this family arriving until 2017.

We will be continuing to accept financial pledges to support the Shouhmlian family as well as some household goods for the Jas family. If you would like to make a financial contribution, please contact Pastor Christoph. If you have household goods you would like to donate, please contact Dorothy R.

Updates will be provided here and on a separate facebook page.