We are a group of people in the congregation with a passion for reaching out to others in compassion and grace. One of the events we plan and coordinate is the annual Neighbourhood BBQ in September.

We make some of the needs in our community known to the congregation to raise involvement, support and prayer. One of the ways we are doing that presently is to support Cyrus Centre https://www.cyruscentre.com and the work they do with youth on the streets in Abbotsford. 

We welcome your participation in our ministry of compassion towards others.

Abbotsford Food Bank

We proudly support the Abbotsford Food Bank, so that those people less fortunate in our City of Abbotsford may get food in their stomachs. Abbotsford Food Bank located at 33914 Essendene  Avenue. Or you can drop off donations here in the church. Phone 604-859-5749. They can always use volunteers.

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Abbotsford Community Hub Centre formerly known as Positive Living in the Fraser Valley Group

Kari Hackett Director for the Abbotsford Community Hub Centre gave us this list of needs. Kari says we are always in great need of socks especially for men they can be gently used or new. Small soaps, shampoos and cream rinse. Disposable razors and shaving cream Toothbrushes and toothpaste Peanut Butter (smooth not crunchy because they have bad teeth) Strawberry or raspberry jam Pancake mix and syrup (we often do pancake breakfasts on the weekends) Coffee, sugar - whitener Disposable coffee cups, stir sticks and spoons Paper plates First Aid Supplies - Bandaids all sizes, polysporin, gauze, tensor bandages, tape, Money of course is always needed.  If you have any items for the Abbotsford Community Hub Centre, you can place them in the Food Bank Bin in the church. Please mark them so they get to the right place or you can take them directly to The Abbotsford Hub Centre Office  Unit #108A 32883 South Fraserway, Abbotsford, BC Across South Fraserway from the Seven Oaks Mall.Right in behind Peyton and Buckle Shoes. Thank You Bernie Fredrickson 

    They are dedicated to providing Support,Education and Outreach to all of those affected by by HIV, Viral Hepatatis,TB and sexually transmitted blood borne infections.

  Kari says we need to do a better job of diagnosing, since over half of those who are infected do not know it yet, and we need to treat a lot more people each year as we currently barely stay ahead of new infections. We also need to implement evidence-based prevention strategies. Otherwise we are going to fail in our international obligations to meet the World Health Organization (WHO) targets set for 2020, and the ultimate goal of eliminating hepatitis C as a public health risk by 2030. Sadly in the Fraser East Region there is no one funded to do Hepatitis C support for those already infected or newly infected. This is due to the defunding of Positive Living Fraser Valley Society by the Public Health Agency of Canada. This leaves 155 people known to have Hepatitis C that Positive Living Fraser Valley Society was supporting without support services. The health authority is also not funding Hepatitis C specific support work. Please speak up to address this issue as Fraser East also has the highest rates of Hepatitis C in the province! Executive Director -  Abbotford Community Hub Centre Office: 604-854-1101  Cell: 778-982-0147

They provide services throughout the Fraser East region (langley to Boston Bar)

Their Services are:

1.They provide a Drop in center where they give their clients a daily bag lunch.

2.They have trained and compassionate support workers. They have Hep C and HIV support groups

3.They have Community Education and Outreach program

4.Harm Reduction Program

5.They have a program to help Drug Addicts to get off drugs and get into a Drug Rehabillatation Program

6They have a Practionaire Nurse who goes to the Homeless camps to check on health of the Homeless people

7. They have a medical transport service for patients to Surrey and Vancouver Hospitals when they cannot be treated in Abbotsford.

They have volunteer opportunities

They are a non-profit charitable organization that relies on the support of caring and generous people like You. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation please send your donation to P.O. Box2183 STN A Abbotsford, B.C V2T3X8

They need donations of socks and toiletries. They can be dropped off at their drop in center located

at 32883 South Fraser Way. Unit 108 Abbotsford,B.C. V2S2A6. Across the street from the Seven Oaks Mall.Right behind Peyton and Buckle Shoes

The Federal Government in their Great wisdom have cut off their funding for Hep C people to the Abbotsford Community Hub Centre. The Abbotsford Community Hub Centre is the only organization in B.C. that has services for Hep C patients. Abbotsford has the highest Hep. C population in B.C..So please pray that the Federal Government would reinstate the Funding for Hep C. If you would like to send some petitions to our Federal Health Minister, Prime Minister and our local MP please send me an email. I will help you. Thank you for your help for this very worthy Organization.

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