We are an inclusive, compassionate and nurturing congregation who believe God loves each and every one of us completely without condition. 

Martin Luther - our spiritual guide - who died over 450 years ago is still very much alive in what we do and say. 

Martin Luther developed a slogan that we Lutherans believe is the heart of Christianity: "justification by grace through faith." What that means is that the way our lives turn out for here and eternity has nothing to do with how much we try to be good and do good, or how badly we fail in our efforts. Salvation is a pure act of grace on God's part.

Grace is the word we use to talk about God's love. Grace is the most important word in the Lutheran vocabulary. Because God's grace is shared in our worship through holy words and sacred ceremonies, we Lutherans sum up the core ministry of the church with the phrase "Word and Sacrament." 

When we preach and teach the Word properly, then people learn about God's grace. Realizing how much God loves you and learning to live in that love are the most important lessons a person can learn in life. 

God's grace is as real as the water of baptism and the bread and the wine of communion. In sacramental mystery, we join Jesus in his death and resurrection through the waters of baptism. Christ joins us, is really present with us, as we eat his holy meal.

In the celebration of Holy Baptism and Holy Communion, we are linked to the living, loving presence of God. We are assured that no matter how far we wander away from God's purpose for our lives, there is forgiveness for us, and we are always welcome in God's place.

Knowing our need for God and that God is present in Word and Meal, we celebrate Holy Communion every Sunday. We have an open table because we know that the table around which we gather is the Lord's, and welcome all who desire to receive our living Lord in, among, and under the elements of bread and wine. Wheat free wafers and grape juice are available for those who desire.

We welcome you warmly to our worship and to our community!

May God's peace and love be with you always.